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An idyllic mountain scene on the tundra of Rocky Mountain National Park. A small tarn reflects the beautiful sky and the mountains in the distance. - See more at:

Photo Friday: Idyllic Tarn

A small tarn on the top of Rocky Mountain National Park near the tundra reflects the puffy clouds and blue sky above …

The North Marsh in Valentine National Wildlife Refuge slowly ripples with a gentle breeze from the east as the sun illuminates the distant clouds with a brilliant orange hue.

Photo Friday: Golden Sunrise

One of the most important pieces of equipment when I photograph is not my camera, not any of my lenses, not my …

After a chilly night in a tent at North Inlet Junction along the North Inlet trail, my hiking partner Dave and I woke up around 3 am to hike 3.5 miles uphill to Lake Nanita and Lake Nokoni. It was a clear night and the stars shone like a blanket across the dark sky. An occasional bat flew over our heads as the trail ducked into the forest. We first passed Lake Nokoni in the dark and then made our way to Lake Nanita, arriving just before sunrise. I setup on the southeastern shore and waited for the sun to warm Ptarmigan Mountain before me. Just as the mountain began to glow red, a breeze came up and disturbed the reflection of the mountain in the lake. The mountain only glowed for a minute or two and then the bright sun began to creep down the mountain. I packed up and Dave and I made our way back down to Lake Nokoni for a short rest before heading on to Ptarmigan Lake.

Photo Friday: A Warm Sunrise

After a chilly night in a tent at North Inlet Junction along the North Inlet trail in Rocky Mountain National Park, my …

Nebraska Landscape Photograph - Quiet Solace

Photo Friday: Quiet Solace

When I visited Crescent Lake National Wildlife Refuge this past May one of the things that struck me about the refuge was …