A Slideshow of 118 Photos of 2014

Well, it’s New Years Eve and I can’t believe another year has passed by. As I do every year I take some time to review all the images of the past 365 days. I select a batch for a slideshow that best captures my wandering. This year’s selections include North Dakota, North Central Nebraska, Northeast Nebraska, the Sandhill Cranes, Joshua Tree National Park, and more. Please take the time to enjoy this year’s slideshow of 118 photographs, coupled with some soothing jazzy music. Below are 2012 and 2013’s slideshows as well. Tomorrow I’ll be posting my favorite 10 images of the year, please be sure to check out that post as well!

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2012’s slideshow is available here: 51 Photos of 2012
Last year’s slideshow is available here: 62 Photos of 2013

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