Top 10 Favorite Images From 2023

This post is a couple of weeks behind when I would have liked it posted, but better a little late than never! As you know as I prepare for the next year, I always take some time to reflect upon my photography from the previous year and my goals. This year I took a two week trek to Canada and my goal was to revisit some of the locations I had visited in 2005 with some new places as well. I managed to make it to all the places I wanted while taking in all the beautiful surroundings. Overall, a wonderful year to be a photograph! I hope you enjoy my top 10.

Before I present the images, I always want to mention that the previous years favorites are available from these posts: 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022.

Also, all the images from 2023 on my website can be viewed: Images from 2023.

My yearly disclaimer: As with every year, with each selection I consider the technical and aesthetic aspects, but also if they hold any special memory or meaning for me. The following images are in no particular order.

The Milky Way arcs behind a lone windmill in the Sandhills of Nebraska.

The area around Merritt Reservoir is dark sky country and I wanted to make the best of it. On an amazingly clear night I hiked out to this windmill and took several images of the Milky Way and caught a couple of shooting stars as well!

After catching a fish an Osprey flies above a lake in eastern Nebraska.

In the last couple of years I’ve seen an Osprey fishing on lakes in eastern Nebraska. I managed to capture this one right after he caught his prize.

Beautiful Mt. Edith Cavell is reflected in Cavell Lake in Jasper National Park in Alberta, Canada.

In 2005 I visited Banff and Jasper National Parks in Alberta, Canada. I missed this location on the first trip to Jasper and I wasn’t going to miss it again. I made the drive up the mountain on a beautiful morning and caught this spectacular sunrise over Lake Cavill and the mountain.

On a cool morning the sun rises over Lake Yellowstone on the east side of Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming.

On the way back from Canada I spent a couple of nights in eastern Yellowstone near Lake Yellowstone. I walked the shore before dawn and got more excited as the clouds began to glow. The sunrise did not dissappoint.

Early morning sun illuminates a field of hay bales in a valley in the sandhills of Nebraska.

I love the smell of freshly cut hay and I’m a sucker for expansive landscapes dotted with hay bales. I always stop and photograph them whenever I have an opportunity. This is one of my favorite captures of this type of scene to date.

A road winds through the sandhills while sunflowers pop everywhere.

I love the open road and what’s better than a scene of a road winding into the distance beckoning for adventure?

A drop of rain on a lily pad reflects the setting sun on a lake in eastern Nebraska.

Sometimes the little things catch my eye…..

A porcupine pauses in the forest near Consolation Lakes in Banff National Park, Canada.

I’m always thrilled when wildlife poses, what wildlife photographer wouldn’t be? I was especially surprised to see this porcupine in the wilderness of Banff National Park. Careful not to disturb him, he spent a couple of minutes with me before heading on.

Deep in the sandhills of Nebraska a windmill is nestled in the valley while sunflowers bloom bright yellow across the hills

Two windmill shots in the same list, I couldn’t pick just one! The beautiful sunflowers dotting the landscape around this windmill deep in the sandhills just demanded to be photographed.

Lake Moraine reflects the ten peaks on fire with an early morning glow.

The must-see location of the Canadian Rockies, Lake Moraine. I rose at 3 am to grab this capture of the sun hitting the peaks. Beautiful, beautiful location.

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