Top 10 Favorite Images from 2021

I hope everyone had a great holiday season and I always wish everyone a healthy and prosperous new year. As most of you know as I prepare for the next year, I always take some time to reflect upon my photography from the previous year and my goals. My goal from last year was to capture more images in 2021 than I did in 2020. In retrospect, I captured about the same number, so I didn’t quite hit my goal, but I feel like the photographs I did capture were more diverse than previous years. This is something I’m always striving for.

Before I present the images, I always want to mention that the previous years favorites are available from these posts: 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020.

Also, all the images from 2020 on my website can be viewed: Images from 2021.

My yearly disclaimer: As with every year, with each selection I consider the technical and aesthetic aspects, but also if they hold any special memory or meaning for me. The following images are in no particular order.

Deep in the backcountry of Rocky Mountain National Park, a small tarn close to Thunder Lake reflects the beautiful mountains as they glow with the light of the rising sun.
Sunrise at Thunder

A small tarn near Thunder Lake deep in the backcountry of the Wild Basin area of Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado. I camped here with my daughter for 2 incredible nights and were greeted with this scene at sunrise.

A small bunny rests deep in the forest near Swiftcurrent Lake in Glacier National Park, Montana.
Tiny Glacier Bunny

I had hoped to create more images in 2021 and I certainly kept that promise, in wildlife images. I came across a few baby critters throughout my travels. This little bunny was nestled in the forest near Swiftcurrent Lake in Glacier National Park, Montana.

Swiftcurrent Lake in the Many Glacier region of Glacier National Park reflects the mountains as the sunlight gives the mountains a warm hue.
Swiftcurrent Sunrise

Near where the bunny was nestled, this scene was just a few feet away. I captured this image on a beautiful July morning, a near perfect reflection.

A summer storm brews in the distance while the sun shines through under the clouds.
Sandhills Storm Scene

Sunlight glows behind the clouds as a storm rolls through the Sandhills of central Nebraska.

Twin Lakes in Colorado is still as the light of dawn begins to paint the landscape in warm hues.
Serenity at Twin Lakes

Forest Fires from the west created perfect conditions for a beautiful sunrise over Twin Lakes near Leadville, Colorado. I spent two days exploring the shores looking for the perfect composition.

A waterfall from the outlet of Swiftcurrent Lake in the Many Glacier region of Glacier National Park glows in the rising sun.
Swiftcurrent Waterfall Sunrise

A waterfall near Swiftcurrent Lake in Glacier National Park glows with warm hues from the rising sun.

A monarch butterfly suns itself on prairie grass near a lake in Sarpy County, Nebraska.
Sunning My Wings

Captured near a small lake in eastern Nebraska this monarch butterfly was sunning its wings on a warm late summer day.

Two Bighorn Sheep lambs playfully butt heads in Badlands National Park, South Dakota.

Butting Heads

Two bighorn sheep kids butt heads playfully on a butte in Badlands National Park, South Dakota. I captured this scene on a July afternoon. For quite a time I put the camera down and simply watched these kids play. Sometimes its better to just take it all in.

A duckling cuddles up to his mother on the banks of a lake in eastern Nebraska.
Close to Mother

While kayaking I found this little duckling snuggling up to mother. I wasn’t expecting this scene. It always pays to keep your camera close at all times!

A bald eagle in eastern Nebraska flys across the sky with dinner in its talons.
The Eagle and Dinner

I captured my last image while watching this magnificent eagle fishing in a lake in Nebraska. I was thrilled to be able to capture him with his dinner.

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