New Website and Blog Launch!

On a cold day in mid-May, the Big Thompson flows through Moraine Park as the first sunlight of the day illuminates the peaks of the Continential Divide.
In The Light Of A New Day

If I’ve been a little quiet lately it’s because I’ve been diligently working on redesigning my website and blog.  Today I am happy to announce that both are officially being launched!

To provide a little background on the changes, on the website side of things, bigger is better!  To that end, I have increased the size of all the full sized photographs.

On both the website and the blog I’ve instituted some substantial design changes.  With iPad’s and tablets becoming ubiquitous there was a need to make everything very mobile friendly.  As a result, the website and blog have been fully tested on a wide array of tablets and phones, Macs and PCs.

Lastly, a primary goal of mine was to make sharing easier.  To that end, I have placed sharing icons in easier locales and made the web addresses easier.  Instead of a long boring string, photos can be shared from short urls such as:

One last item, however, as with all change, there are some items I should mention.  First, my blog address has officially changed to  While the old address will work, going forward this will be the new location.  If you link to any material here, which if you like something, I encourage you to do, please update the address.  If you read this via Twitter, Facebook, or some other reader, everything should continue to work properly.

So, please take a look around the new sites and if you like something, let me know and be sure to share it!  Happy browsing.

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