Photo Friday: Quiet Approach

A fox pauses briefly in a field near Grand Lake, Colorado.
Quiet Approach

Looking back through some old files I found this image I captured of a fox. I was in Grand Lake, Colorado with a hiking buddy of mine and we were heading back to our campsite after having a warm meal in town. We were going to head into the backcountry the next day so we were going to relax and I wasn’t expecting to see anything on the drive back so I didn’t have my camera out. Of course it’s when you’re least prepared that something happens and so it was this day. This fox ran out in front of our car and into a nearby field. I grabbed my camera bag, whipped out my camera and captured about 8 shots. Most were blurry, but I managed to capture one before he scampered off. I don’t know why it took me a year and half to process it, but when I found it the other day I had to get it done. It’s a great reminder to me to always have my gear ready even if I am relaxing after a good meal. 🙂

Technical Details:
Canon 50D, 300 f/4l lens, f/6.3, 1/800 sec.
Near Grand Lake, Colorado

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