Photo Friday: Happy Arbor Day 2014!

An maple tree turns fiery red and orange in the Autumn at Arbor Day Lodge State Park in Nebraska City, Nebraska.
Electric Fire

*Although I posted this last year, this is one of my favorite collection of images and since today is Arbor Day I couldn’t help but go back and re-post this entry. Enjoy!

While each state observes Arbor Day on various days, the last Friday in April is celebrated as the National Arbor Day holiday. Since Arbor Day started in Nebraska and one of my favorite locations to photograph is Arbor Day Lodge State Park in Nebraska City where the holiday got its start, today I’m going to post some of my favorite tree photographs. The first is from Arbor Day Lodge State Park which has over 270 different varieties of trees and shrubs within the park. In the fall these trees all change at different times and with different brilliant colors.

The sun shines through the branches of a maple whose leaves recently turned bright yellow at Branched Oak Lake State Recreation Area in Lancaster County, Nebraska.
Long Way to Go
On a cool spring evening the sun shines through a budding maple tree at Two Rivers State Recreation Area.
Spring Illumination
With only an occasional rustle, sunlight streams down on the forest landscape causing the aspen trees to glow with a golden brillance during the autumn in Colorado.
A maple tree bursts forth into glorious autumn colors while the setting sun shines through the leaves.
Fall’s Final Curtain Call
Although autumn was fleeting in Nebraska and Iowa this year, there were some hold outs after the snowfall. This maple tree turned brillant warm oranges and reds two weeks after a snow storm and managed to hang on to a majority of its fall leaves during some pretty gusty times. I couldn't help but stop and capture the vibrant colors with the setting sun filtering through the leaves.
Autumnal Brillance
On a warm summer evening, the setting sun shines through a large Burr Oak at Eugene T. Mahoney State Park.
Waiting For Tomorrow
A tree stands witness through the ages upon a hill on the prairie at Wind Cave National Park, South Dakota.
The Prairie Witness

A single tree sits upon the sandhills at Ft. Niobrara National Wildlife Refuge.
Sandhills Sentinel
Snow falls on Wehrspann Lake at Chalco Hills Recreation Area on a cold February morning.
Weathering the Cold

A lone tree watches over the vast prairie while a storm brews on the horizon in the Sage Creek area at Badlands National Park in South Dakota.
Badlands Sentinel

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