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Above Dusty Lake in the Columbia Basin Wildife Area

Photo Friday: Potholes Coulee

Approximately 17 million years ago lava flowed across what is now eastern Washington into Oregon. Every few thousand years these lava flows …

On a clear night at Niobrara State Park the stars shone brightly above the Missouri River. In the reflection of the river the Big Dipper can be clearly seen.

Photo Friday: Big Dipper

While I’m always in awe of nature, I love it when it surprises me. Last November on a clear night at Niobrara …

Pike's Place Public Market

Photo Friday: Scenes of Seattle

Today’s Photo Friday is a departure from my normal destinations and photography. I had an opportunity to spend a few days in …

Cold Water Flowing

Winter Photos: Fan Favorites

For those that follow me on Facebook, for each of the last seven days I’ve posted one of my favorite winter images. …

The sun shines through the branches of a maple whose leaves recently turned bright yellow at Branched Oak Lake State Recreation Area in Lancaster County, Nebraska.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Today I send a note of appreciation to all of you on this day of Thanksgiving. I am grateful for my family, …