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Platte River State Park

The warm sun shines through the trees on a beautiful spring evening at Platte River State Park.

Happy Arbor Day 2017!

J. Sterling Morton of Morton Salt fame, started what would be known as Arbor Day in 1872 by challenging people to plant …

Autumn Oak leaves stick to the bottom of cold stream flows through Platte River State Park in eastern Nebraska on a winter's day. - Platte River SP Photography

Winter Wanderings

On a wintry day in early February I awoke to flakes of snow drifting across the sky. What was brown and gray …

Cold Water Flowing

Winter Photos: Fan Favorites

For those that follow me on Facebook, for each of the last seven days I’ve posted one of my favorite winter images. …

Cold Water Flowing

Photo Friday: Cold Water Flowing

On February 1st eastern Nebraska received measurable snow, something that hasn’t happened very frequently in the last couple of years. Not only …