Trip Report 2 – The Sandhills of Nebraska

For the second half of my journey I traveled to the Sandhills of Nebraska. Remote and beautiful, this undulating landscape is especially verdant in the spring after frequent rain showers and wildlife is especially abundant. Here, where humans infrequently venture, serenity and peace reign and nature abounds.

The western sky glows with beautiful pinks, purples, and oranges behind a windmill reflected in the full tank.
A Windmill and the Beautiful Western Sky
Sunrise warms this rural scene in the Sandhills of Nebraska. A gravel road meanders by a small stand of cottonwoods and a windmill.
Sunrise and a Sandhills Scene

A common sight in the Sandhills, a rural road winds among the hills and a windmill stands guard.

In an area of the Sandhills of Nebraska, far from civilization a two-track road meanders by a windmill and a lake nestled in the hills.
Remote Two Track
A Yellow-headed Blackbird sings his sweet song deep in the Sandhills of Nebraska.
The Song of the Yellow-Headed Blackbird

The Sandhills are a birder’s dream as many species flock and fly throughout the region.

Late afternoon sun illuminates an abandoned windmill deep in the Sandhills of Nebraska.
A Forgotten Windmill

Did I mention there are windmills here? Probably many more windmills than people.

The last light of sunset skims across the Nebraska Sandhills and casts a warm glow on the clouds above.
Sunset Somewhere in the Sandhills
On a cool spring evening, sunset falls over Willow Lake nestled deep in the Sandhills of Nebraska.
Sunset Over Willow Lake

One of the many lakes in the Sandhills, Willow Lake is calm on a perfect spring eve.

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