Photo Friday: From the Forest Floor

From the Forest Floor
From the Forest Floor

Every year in October I make a family trip to Nebraska City to get some yummy apple turnovers, dumplings, pie, cider, etc. and spend the day at Arbor Day Lodge State Park. While the kids are playing on the playground I walk through the grounds and take in the large diversity of trees. Normally, I return with 100s of images of leaves, but this year was different. The leaves hadn’t really changed and so I decided to look closer, and more specifically lower. I found this almost perfect toadstool on the forest floor among the trees. I spent quite a bit of time with this mushroom capturing it from every angle and watching the light change. This was my favorite of the bunch. Although not a autumn image, I was still pleased with the trip to Nebraska City. Plus I had the bonus of apple turnovers to munch on!

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