Welcome Autumn!

In the early morning, Longs Peak is visible above the autumn trees on the trail to Beirstadt Lake. - Rocky Mountain NP Photography
An Autumn Morn

Although the official start of Autumn was a week ago, hot weather continued to prevail until the last couple of days. Today, the weather finally feels like fall and everywhere are mums and pumpkins. To help celebrate the change of the seasons I am presenting some of my favorite fall images from years past!

An early October snowfall covers the trees at Schramm State Recreation Area in eastern Nebraska. - Schramm SRA Photography
I Said Hello, Goodbye
A lone fallen autumn aspen leaf grasps to a rock as the Big Thompson cascades by. - Colorado Photography
Waiting by the Cascade
A bull elk bugles to its mates in Rocky Mountain National Park, the sound echoing through Moraine Park. - Colorado Photography
Call of the Bull Elk
On a cool autumn evening sun strikes the peak of Long's Peak in Rocky Mountain National Park. A faint rainbow briefly appeared as the storm moved over the mountain. - Colorado Photography
Last Light on Longs
An maple tree turns fiery red and orange in the Autumn at Arbor Day Lodge State Park in Nebraska City, Nebraska. - Arbor Day Lodge SP Photography
Electric Fire
A single tree sits upon the sandhills at Ft. Niobrara National Wildlife Refuge.
Sandhills Sentinel
A maple tree bursts forth into glorious autumn colors while the setting sun shines through the leaves. - DeSoto Photography
Fall’s Final Curtain Call
Late afternoon sunlight illuminates autumn maple leaves at Arbor Day Lodge State Park in Nebraska City, Nebraska.
Autumn’s Style
The moon is seen through the branches of an autumn aspen tree on the trail down from Beirstadt Lake in the fall in Rocky Mountain National Park.
Autumn Moon Rising
A tree stands witness through the ages upon a hill on the prairie at Wind Cave National Park, South Dakota. - South Dakota Photography
The Prairie Witness

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