Happy Arbor Day 2017!

The warm sun shines through the trees on a beautiful spring evening at Platte River State Park.
Warm Spring Brilliance

J. Sterling Morton of Morton Salt fame, started what would be known as Arbor Day in 1872 by challenging people to plant trees. Starting in 1872, 1 million trees were planted in the state of Nebraska, where Morton resided. Arbor Day has spawned many programs to further education about the importance of trees and continues to be celebrated worldwide. In celebration, every year I present a few of my favorite images of trees that I’ve captured. The first image is very new and was captured a week ago at Platte River State Park on a beautiful evening. I love those warm spring days with!

A maple tree bursts forth into glorious autumn colors while the setting sun shines through the leaves.
Fall’s Final Curtain Call
With only an occasional rustle, sunlight streams down on the forest landscape causing the aspen trees to glow with a golden brillance during the autumn in Colorado.


On a cold February morning after the fog cleared, hoarfrost clung to a stand of cottonwoods at Chalco Hills Recreation Area.
A Frosty Morning
Celestial Witness
Celestial Witness
Badlands in Yellow
A field of clover reaches across the Badlands covering the landscape with an intense yellow hue.
On a warm summer evening the warm sun illuminats a single tree on the plains surrounding by an intense patch of wild clover. The clouds of an approaching storm hover in the distance.
High Plains Dawn

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