Photo Friday: The Delicate Mariposa Lily

A Delicate Mariposa Lily
A single, delicate Mariposa Lily grows in the shade of some lodge pole pine trees in Jewel Cave National Park in South Dakota. –

A few weeks ago I posted an image of a Mariposa Lily growing on a hillside in North Dakota glowing in the afternoon sun. As I mentioned then, because of the rain these lilies were growing everywhere throughout North and South Dakota. Today’s image, a close-up of the Mariposa Lily was captured in Jewel Cave National Park in South Dakota. I loved focusing on the bright yellow center with the bright white delicate petals.

Technical Details:
Canon 70D, 100 f2.8L Macro, f/4, 1/1000 sec.
Jewel Cave National Park, South Dakota

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