Fontenelle Forest Photo Club Contest – 2014

Fontenelle Forest Photo Club Contest – 2014
Fontenelle Forest Photo Club Contest – 2014

A couple of weeks ago I had the honor of once again judging the Fontenelle Forest Photo Club contest. Last night we announced the winners and had a critique session.  There were many great entries in several categories – Scenic and Landscape, Flora, Fauna, and Anything Goes. They were all excellent photographs and as such there were some hard decisions, but I wanted to congratulate the list of the winners in their respective categories:

People’s Choice:

Allen Kurth – “Building the Nest”

Member’s Choice:

Doug French – “Waves of Sandstone”

Best Black and White:

Doug French – “Simply a Rose”

Best Photo taken at Fontenelle Forest:

Doug French – “Great Horned Owl”

Runner-Up – Peter Carbonell– “Escape From the City”

Best of Show:

Doug French – “Great Horned Owl”

Runner-Up – Heather Ingraham – “Whitetail Deer”

Novice Class:


  1. Peter Carbonell – “Waxwings”
  2. Robert May – “Yellow Warbler”
  3. Ken Huber – “Coopers Hawk”


  1. Eric Scholar – “Yellow Orchid”
  2. Kathleen Crawford Rose – “Tree”


  1. Robert May – “Sunset & Storm”
  2. Eric Scholar – “Three Gossips”
  3. Jason Keel – “Mountain Born”

Advanced Class:


  1. Alan Brodin – “Wise Guy”
  2. Heather Ingraham – “Pheasant”
  3. (Tie) Allen Kurth – “Building the Nest”
    Heather Ingraham – “Green Violet Ear”


  1. Allen Kurth – “Hanging Basket”
  2. Doug French – “Simply a Rose”
  3. Sue Mininni – “Spring Flowers”


  1. Doug French – “Waves of Sandstone”
  2. Lonny Holman – “Golden Hour”

Anything Goes (Combined Classes):

  1. Peter Carbonell – “A Fall Walk”
  2. Doug French – “Farmers Market”
  3. (Tie) Allen Kurth – “City of Lights”
    Alan Brodin – “Country Shrine”

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