Trip Report 2: Journey into the Sandhills – Images of Halsey, the Niobrara, and a Bald Eagle and Crow

The last light of Day illuminates a windmill nesteld in the sandhills on the western edge of Halsey National Forest.
Halsey Twilight

Halsey National Forest is comprised of a landscape to the photograph above. Rolling sandhills dotted with Yucca plants and prairie grasses. This image was taken at sunset on the far western side of the park. In the southeastern area of the park, however, a large forest was handplanted. The photograph below is a view of the forest at dawn from the Scott Lookout Tower.

Clouds roll over Halsey National Forest in the central Nebraska. From the Scott Tower lookou the largest handplanted forest in the United States extends into the distance
Halsey Dawn
A crow taunts a Bald Eagle in high tree near his nest. Amazingly, the eagle ignored this visitor as he swooped by his head several times. Eventually, the crow tired and simply sat on this branch every so often chirping his indignation.
The Taunting Crow

Just south of Merritt Reservoir a Bald Eagle sits on an old cottonwood close to his nest. A crow was apparently not happy with this and often swooped at the head of the eagle. For the most part the eagle ignored the crow. After some time the crow stopped and sat on the branch above the eagles head and simply cawed his indignation.

On a beautiful spring morning, just west of Niobrara National Wildlife Refuge, the Niobrara River snakes along a lush green valley.
Dawn Over the Niobrara

The Niobrara river west of Niobrara National Wildlife Refuge, snakes through a lush green valley on a beautiful spring morning. A cool breeze blew gently as the sun rose in the east illuminating the clouds in the sky.

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