Photo Friday: Solitary Bloom

A Richardson Geranium blooms near the Beaver Ponds on the western side of Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado.
Solitary Bloom

Normally, on Photo Friday’s I post seasonally appropriate images. Recently, in Nebraska it’s been cold, but we haven’t had any snow or precipitation and as such, I don’t have a lot of new winter material. This has give me a chance, however, to go back through and process additional images from the past year. Today’s image of a Richardson Geranium was captured in Rocky Mountain National Park near the beaver ponds last summer. These little flowers were blooming all over the area and my 6 year old daughter helped me find this little beauty. As we were photographing the bloom, it began to mist a bit causing some droplets to be caught on the petals. Whenever I view this image it reminds me of last summer in Colorado.

Technical Details:
Canon Rebel SL1, 50 CM, f/7.1, 1/250 sec.
Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado

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