Photo Friday: A Mother’s Love

Near the end of the day, in the marshes of the Kawuneeche Valley in western Rocky Mountain National Park, a Moose calf and cow nuzzle in the setting sun before getting ready to bed for the night.
A Mother’s Love

On my July trip to Rocky Mountain, I had quite an opportunity to photograph Moose throughout the valleys on the western side of the park. For well over an hour I was able to quietly observe and photograph a Moose family as they grazed in the Kawuneeche Valley. Near the end of the day, just as the last of the sun was hitting these critters, the calf and cow nuzzled for a few seconds before getting ready to rest for the evening.

Technical Details:
Canon Rebel SL1, 500 f/4l, f/4, 1/1250 sec.
Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado

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