Photo Friday: Dusk Descends on Kawuneeche Valley

Dusk Descends on Kawuneeche Valley
On a quiet evening in mid-July wildflowers bloom near a stream as the sun sets behind the Never Summer Range in western Rocky Mountain National Park.

The Kawuneeche Valley is a marshy meadow area on the western side of Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado. In the native Arapaho language Kawuneeche means “valley of the coyote” and indeed, many animals are found traveling through the valley. On this still July evening, there was a herd of elk that had quietly moved through and were eating on the trail. Not wanting to disturb them too much I kindly asked them to move as I slowly walked by. They obliged and I was on my way, as the last remnants of light illuminated the western edge of the clouds casting a dull glow across the meadow.

Technical Details:
Canon 5D Mark II, 24mm TS-E f/3.5L, .6s, f/11, 3-stop Singh-Ray Soft Grad, 3 Photos Stitched
Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado

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