Photo Friday: Crimson and Gold Dreams

It’s been an interesting couple of months. During this time I had my computer crash and as a result I decided to do a huge upgrade. It was long overdue anyway, but besides getting a new computer, I upgraded Photoshop to CS6, Lightroom to version 4, and I’ve spent the rest of the time getting my actions reimported and getting everything setup properly. I even decided to get a new wide gamut monitor, but it had problems with some dead pixels in the center and now I’m two weeks out from finally getting that in so that I can go through the process of color profiling it. Anyway, I am finally getting back to being able to upload photographs for Photo Friday. Today’s image is another from Yellowstone, specifically the Hayden Valley on the eastern side of the park. It was a beautiful, crisp, cool evening that would have been perfect except for the predominance of mosquitos and the large buffalo that decided to come and see what I was photographing. It’s another two photograph pano I stitched using my trusty 24mm tilt-shift.

Technical Details:
Canon 5D Mark II, TS-E 24mm f/3.5L II, 3-stop Singh-Ray Soft Grad
Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

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