About the Artist, Derrald Farnsworth-Livingston

Artist's Statement

Nature is infinitely dynamic and constantly awe-inspiring.

I am an artist that uses photography to create a connection to nature that cannot be replicated in any other way. Through this connection I observe and capture the vibrant beauty of the world. Nature is both powerful and subtle, from the towering mountain peaks to a simple pine cone, I explore both the grand landscape and the intimate details.

The goal of my work is to convey the emotions I experience of the scene before me through the colors, shapes, and lighting. My photographs are most successful when the mood of the subject and location resonate throughout the composition. My images are the windows through which I share my experience with nature. Please enjoy the vision of the world I have experienced through my photography and see why it is important that we protect this beauty. This is the only world we have.

Artist's Bio

Throughout his youth, Derrald traveled across the United States and visited many national and state parks. It was on these trips that Derrald became inspired by the outdoors that he wished to explore and share. Photography was a natural result and he focuses his creative energy to this endeavor.

Majestic mountains, crashing waves of the ocean, and prairies that stretch into infinity are a few of the subjects of his portfolio. Every image is a manifestation of his deep rooted love of nature. Through a balance of subject, composition, and light Derrald strives to capture the beautiful essence of the scene. He continually evolves his style and dedicates himself to delivering the highest quality imagery.

Derrald has won numerous awards and exhibits in several solo and group shows. His photography adorns hospitals, corporations, and homes around the world. He is published in dozens of calendars and regional, national, and international magazines yearly.

For more information on Derrald's Photography please visit his blog at Traveling the Journey of Light Photoblog or his online print store at the Journey of Light Photography Store. | 402-578-3135Links | Most Popular